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  This is a short summary of the design considerations. For a detailed design criteria specification see...

The Architects and Engineers reference page.

        There are many things to consider when preparing for a sprinkler system...

        We start by determining how much water we must add to maintain the proper moisture level for the type of plants being installed. For instance, a Xeriscape or cactus garden will need water, but only 1/10 of what a green lawn will require.

        Knowing what we call the "make up precipitation amount", we then determine the water source, size and pressure required. This also must relate to the time allowed, or window of watering. (How many hours are we allowed to water or how quickly must we apply the water.)

        We then determine the delivery type. This could be spray heads, large radius rotor heads, bubblers, micro sprays and drip line. By each area and type of plants, we section and layout the placement of the various devices to give the best possible, even distribution of precipitation. This can be complicated, and is now often done on the computer. It allows you to test many configurations until you find the best one.

        The layout is then piped in an efficient manner, and the hydraulic calculations are done to verify the proper flow of water through the pipes. This allows us to down size pipe sizes to economize, but still keep the flow through the pipes correct to allow the right pressure at the head.  This assures the water will spray the correct distance and give good coverage for the area to be watered.

        Electric control valves are incorporated to facilitate control by a computer. Wires are placed in the ground through a trench that goes back to the house or utility shed where the computer controller is mounted.

        We then determine a program that will water each area properly according to the type of plants, the time of year, average temperature, and amount of rainfall.


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