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Landscaping Styles

We define landscapes as...

  • Formal (Neat & straight)
  • Casual (Curved & relaxed)
  • Evergreen (Never drop their leaves)
  • Deciduous  (Drop their leaves in winter)
  • Tropical  (Evergreen equatorial climate)
  • Native (Indigenous to the area)
  • Perennial Garden (Lush garden look)
  • Xeriscape (Unassisted and natural)
  • Minimalist (Contemporary, mostly hardscape with few plants)

None of the above is less or more attractive than the other, they are only different.

You can produce award winning landscapes using any of the design criteria listed above.

Mixing schemes is awkward and generally not done, however it is not uncommon to be formal in the front and casual in the back, or to have neat trimmed hedges in a curved freeform bed.

If you are just beginning and need some ideas, drive around and see what others have done. Look through some gardening books. Take some photos of things you like. A landscape can last a lifetime if it is planned properly. We will coach you along the way.

Remember that everything you see in the books and magazines will not necessarily work in the Rio Grande Valley however, we can change the plant choices and arrange them to achieve the same look.

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